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Ametys 4.0 is the latest major release of the open source content management tool. The new version features a sleeker, flatter design with minimalist icons. This new look simplifies use of the application and offers a more user-friendly, airy feel.

Ametys 4.0 provides new features to help you be more productive:

  • Multitask, use several tools at once
  • Your Ametys experience becomes more personal: profile, history and real-time notifications
  • Never lose your data again - your session is automatically backed up
  • Search by several criteria: type of content, latest contributors, etc.

To find out more, see What's new in Ametys 4 .0

Use Ametys

See the list of compatible browsers

Ametys is a modular application, which means that two separate installations can be functionally different.

Nevertheless, there is a common base, documented in the user manual.

To get started with Ametys, you can use these links describing common operations:

You can also browse the documentation for the following modules, among the most popular:

100% Open Source software
Ametys is an Open Source platform licensed under Apache.
It can be freely downloaded and modified.

Administer Ametys

L'application d'administration est accessible à l'adresse http://<>/_admin

Some useful links :

Install Ametys

Ametys comes in the form of two classic J2EE applications (one for the back office, one for the front office). 

Operation and updates

Customize Ametys

In addition to being a user-friendly and easy-to-use tool, Ametys is a fully modular and customizable framework.
You can consult the list of available plugins . To add or configure a module, please refer to the installation and update manual , as well as to the module-specific page.

For developers wishing to modify and/or add to Ametys, specific resources are also available.

There are three main levels of customization:



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