This guide explains how to add content to a page.

  1. Prerequisites
  2. Insert content



Before you start creating content, you need to have defined:

  • the page and zone where the content will be inserted
  • content title (often identical to the page title)
  • content text

This information will have an impact on referencing, the position of the page and its content in search engine results (Google, Bing, etc.).

Before writing any content, you need to ask yourself: "Who am I writing for and what am I writing for?" and keep this information in mind throughout the writing process.

Insert content

First, locate your page. Make sure it's a template page.

Your page template is made up of zones. Some of these zones are free zones. A free zone is a portion of the page where content or a service can be inserted.
Zones are delimited by dashes and have a small window icon, as in this example:

Hovering the mouse over the zone icon displays a context-sensitive help describing the zone's purpose.
Clicking on the icon selects (dashes are bold) or deselects the zone. In the example above, the Main Zone is selected ( Zone 1 can be seen unselected).

To insert content, select the zone, then in the "Page" tab click on"Add content" and choose a content type, in our example"Article".

A new article is inserted into the zone. If the zone already contained content, it is placed last in the zone.

By default, the content is empty. To edit it, select the content (it is automatically selected after an addition) and click on the "Modify content" button in the "Content" tab.
More information on : Update page content.

A new tab opens to display the content currently being edited. The editing tool is easy to use and resembles familiar office tools. Read the online editor manual for more information.



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