The Repository application JCR is a comprehensive tool enabling you to explore your application's Repository JCR, modify it or obtain information on its configuration.

Please note that this tool is for advanced users only. It is strongly recommended that youmake a backup of your Repository before attempting to modify or run script , as improper handling may compromise all application data and/or render CMS and the site(s) inaccessible.

General view of the Repository JCR space:

The buttons JCR and buttons Ametys buttons have similar behaviors, but point to the JCR or Ametys of the repository.

Opens the data tree
Search for nodes/objects using an Xpath query (or SQL in the case of JCR)
Search for a node/object by its identifier
Allows you to execute server scripts, with the syntax javascript
List of repository descriptors


JCR Repository tab

This tab lets you explore your Repository by browsing the node tree. You can then view and edit the properties of the selected node, and perform actions available from the toolbar.

Tree view

The tree view represents the organization of your Repository's data nodes. You can select the node of your choice using the control buttons (+/-) to view its properties.

It is not possible to select multiple nodes in this view. When consulting or modifying a large number of nodes, we recommend using the


The toolbar lets you perform various actions:

Actions on the selected node

Save changes (nodes added, properties modified, etc.)
Undo changes (nodes added, properties modified, ...)
Add a JCR node as a child of the selected node.
Add a new property to the selected node.
Delete the selected JCR node.
Refresh selected node
Choice of sorting method for node children: document order, alphabetical order, reverse alphabetical order
Node lock status.
Node status: check-out or check-in
Actions on the repository

Search for nodes using an XPath or SQL
Search for a node by its UUID

Properties panel

This panel lets you view, modify or delete the properties of the selected node.

Click on the pen icon  or double-click on the property value to edit it.

The pen icon is not visible for read-only (non-modifiable) properties, and their values are grayed out.

Only the property value can be modified, not its type. To modify it, add a new property with the same name and the desired type.

Click on the cross icon  to delete a property.

The delete icon  is not visible for mandatory properties.

The clock icon  is displayed in front of a node when it has been modified. A modified property is displayed in italics. This warns you that modifications have not yet been saved. Click on the Save to validate these changes.

Ametys Repository tab

This tab is a filtered view of the Repository JCR to highlight data specific to Ametys and content-specific data.

Open the JCR node corresponding to this object
Adds an object below the selected object
Adds a metadata to the selected object
Deletes selected object
Searching for objects with an XPath query
Search for an object by its identifier
Indicates whether the selected object is locked or not

Unlike modifications in the JCR node, in the Ametys view every modification is immediately taken into account.


Properties tab

This table lists all the properties of your Repository. These properties are read-only (non-modifiable).

Scripts tab

The console tab is a JavaScript console dedicated to executing code/queries on the Repository. It is particularly useful for automating repetitive actions or performing large loops on nodes.

This console is also frequently used to pass data migration scripts (for example, when migrating data from a Ametys 4.0 application to Ametys 4 .1). More information on this subject can be found in the Update manuals.



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