Graphics migration 4.4 to 4.5

This guide covers the graphic migration of your charts from Ametys 4.4.x to 4.5.0.
Please also refer to the technical migration guide.

  1. Assisted migration
  2. Manual migration
    1. SitemapInputData
    2. CSS in the search engine
    3. Plugin inlinemedia

Assisted migration

Graphics migration is now supported by script.

script will perform certain simple tasks automatically, and signal any manual migrations required.

  1. Download script Download file "migrate-skin -helper-4.5-v015.ant" (31.4 Kb)
  2. Move the file to the root of the project containing the code to be migrated
  3. Run script ant (with default task "migration")

Operations performed automatically are highlighted in orange.

Operations to be performed manually are highlighted in red.

Once you've completed these assisted migrations, you can carry out the other manual migrations that follow.

Manual migration


In the <skin>/conf/sitemap.xml the "descending-depth" parameter indicates how many levels below the current page were generated for the sitemap sax (to build contextual sub-menus, for example).

A bug caused the generated XML to go two levels further than specified by the parameter, which could cause performance problems when it was mostly unnecessary.

This bug has now been corrected, but it's theoretically possible that charters were unknowingly taking advantage of the bug. Check that site navigation still works correctly at all page levels. If not, you may need to increase the value of the "descending-depth" parameter.

CSS in the search engine

Prior to the correction of ticket CMS-9991, the "Search Engine" service configured to retrieve "Content" displayed content without taking into account the CSS content.

Since the correction of ticket CMS-9991, CSS content is used by the "Search engine" service in "Content" mode.

This can lead to graphic changes on pages using the "Search engine" service in "Content" mode: you need to check manually that this influx of CSS files has no graphic impact on your pages using the "Search engine" service in "Content" mode.

If this is the case, you will need to correct your CSS, perhaps to remove the patches made following the CMS-9991 ticket.

Plugin inlinemedia

Rich text: Youtube and Dailymotion responsive

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