Visualiser les profils

This tool is available from version 4.8 onwards.

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L'outil de visualisation des profils permet de visualiser la liste des profils assignés à un utilisateur. 

This tool is available in the "Users" menu, after selecting a user: 

L'outil de visualisation des profils est associé au droit "Voir les profils d'un utilisateur" disponible dans la section "Utilisateurs et droits". 


La liste des profils de l'utilisateur est affichée comme suit par contexte d'affectation : 


Two types of icons are used in the table:

  • Icon with solid background (example : ): the right directly concerns the user or one of his groups. 
  • Icon with transparent background (example :): the right results from an assignment to 'anonymous' or 'logged-in users'. 

The tooltip on the icon provides information on the rights set. 


Two filters are available: 

  • on a right (the filter offers a list of rights with their associated categories): filters profiles containing the right you are looking for
  • on an assignment context: allows you to search for a specific assignment context. 
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