Organization of the graphic charter directories

The entire graphic charter in Ametys is defined in a folder cms/skins/[skinName]/. This folder contains all display, behavior and architecture rules for the web application.

As a Ametys application can manage several sites, the cms/skins/ folder can contain several graphic charter folders.

A graphic charter in Ametys is made up of configuration files, internationalization files, static resources, various templates and style sheets (CSS and XSL):

The directory cms/skins/[skinName]/conf contains the :
The directory cms/skins/[skinName]/i18n directory contains internationalization files (see Internationalization page)

The directory cms/skins/[skinName]/resources directory contains the static resources of the graphic charter, and can be organized in any way. One method is to group resources by file type:

  • style sheets (directory css)
  • images ( img directory )
  • files javascript ( js directory)
  • ...

The directories css, img , js and swf can contain sub-directories for clearer organization.

The directory cms/skins/[skinName]/services directory contains the various style sheets used to render services.

The directory cms/skins/[skinName]/stylesheets directory contains the various style sheets common to all templates: for example, document headers, overall site structure, navigation, etc.

And the following directories :

  • content contains the various style sheets that render content types
  • io manages the transformation of specific content into HTML (for example, transforming a docbook into a valid HTML ).
The file cms/skins/[skinName]/templates contains one directory per template, each template defining a page structure by zones.



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