Repository management

Open the repository application JCR

In the Repository tab of the administration area, click on the Repository button JCR :

This application lets you explore your application's JCR Repository, modify it or obtain information on its configuration.

Please note that this tool is for advanced users only. It is strongly recommended that youmake a backup of your Repository before attempting to modify or run script , as improper handling may compromise all application data and/or render CMS and the site(s) inaccessible.

For more information, see the Repository page JCR.

Maintenance tasks

To run a maintenance task, the application must be in safe mode. If this is not the case, you can restart in safe mode by clicking on the corresponding button :

You can now run a maintenance task:

You can trigger the crumb picker on the repository by clicking on the Crumb picker button:

You can also re-index the repository by clicking on the Re-index button:

Finally, to check the consistency of the repository data, click on the Check consistency button:

When you run a maintenance task, a confirmation message tells you that the tools currently in use will be closed and the associated button inaccessible:


Once the task has been launched, the maintenance task tool opens. This tool displays the progress of the task and the associated log lines:

Once the maintenance tasks have been completed, you can restart the application by clicking on the Restart button:

Open report

You can open the report of the last maintenance task performed by clicking on the Open Report button:

The Maintenance Task tool opens with the various log lines in the upper part of the screen. When you select a log line, the details are displayed in the lower part of the screen:

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