Content proposal

The "Suggest content" service provides a form allowing site visitors to suggest content.

Content submitted in this way will be processed by a contributor via a dedicated back-office tool.

Add service

Select a site page and a zone of your choice. Go to the "Add a service " menu and click on "Content proposal" to insert the form.

Service configuration


Service title
(e.g. Submit an ad)

Content width

Width of rich text field in editing window.
The default width is 500 pixels.


Choice of rendering for the service.
Depends on the graphic charter used.


Propose content (visitor action)

Via the service's form, site visitors (whether authenticated or not) can submit new content.

Visitors must enter their name and address mail. They may choose not to have their email address appear on the site.

The form is protected by a captcha.

To write content, the visitor clicks on "Write content".

A window opens, allowing the visitor to write his or her own content. The visitor benefits from all the features of the CMS editor: insertion of images, links, titles, paragraph styles, etc.

At the end of the editing process, the visitor clicks on "Save and close" to close the editing window and return to the form.

The visitor can return to editing the content at any time by clicking on "Edit content" again. A preview of the edited content is displayed in the form.

Visitors can then validate the form to submit their content.

When the form is submitted :

  • the content editor receives an acknowledgement of receipt
  • the site administrator receives a mail notification
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