A template's service configuration file defines what services each zone can or cannot contain.

By default, all available services can be inserted in all zones. However, it's not always advisable to be able to do everything in one place, especially if you want to limit your graphic charter.

There are two ways of filtering services in zones: by inclusion or exclusion.

the services-default file.xml

Located in cms/skins/[skinName]/template/[templateName]/conf or cms/skins/[skinName]/conf:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <zone id="default" mode="include">
		    <service id="org.ametys.plugins.calendar.Calendar"/>
        <zone id="sidebar" mode="include"></zone>

This example file only authorizes the insertion of the calendar service in the default zone and no service in the sidebar zone.


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