1. Profiles
    1. Add or remove rights to a profile



A profile is a set of rights. Each user has a profile that lists his or her rights.

The Rights Profiles tool lets you create, modify and view profiles. To open the tool, select it from the Users, groups and rights tab, Rights profiles button.

The central interface consists of two parts:

  • The left-hand column lists the available rights profiles.
  • The right-hand column lists the rights associated with the selected profile.

Ribbon buttons perform the following actions:

Create a profileRename a profileDelete a profile


Add or remove rights to a profile

By default, newly created profiles have no rights.

To add or modify existing rights, select the Edit mode button on the Ribbon.

Edit mode displays a list of available rights. Rights are grouped by category. Check or uncheck the rights you wish to assign to the selected profile. Checked rights are those associated with the profile. 

A description of each right is available using the icon in the form of a question mark. Simply move the mouse cursor over it to see the right description displayed.

You can quickly select or deselect all the rights in a category using the buttons to the right of the categories.

Then click Save to confirm your changes.


The ability to create/modify/delete profiles requires two conditions to be met:
- The current user must have the necessary rights.
- The data source managing the profiles must not be read-only.



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