Users can be imported en masse from a CSV or txt file, into a user directory. 

From the "Users" tool, click on "Import users". 

Then select the population and user directory into which to import your users. The directory must be an editable directory (database users).

Then select the CSV or text file containing the users.

Two options are available for this import:

  • Delete users not present in the file: the user directory will be emptied of users not present in the file. Check this box if the file contains an exact update of all your users.
  • Passwords are hashed : 
    • if your file contains passwords in clear text, leave this box unchecked, as the passwords will be encrypted before storage at import time
    • if your file contains hashed passwords, check this box to store the passwords without further transformation. In this case, the passwords must have been hashed with SHA512 with a salt key present in the file ("salt" column).

Users already in the user directory will be updated.

The file must contain :

  • a header line containing mimima "login;lastname;firstname;email;password" (order doesn't matter) or "login;lastname;firstname;email;password;salt" if passwords are hashed in the file.
  • then one user per line (the separator is the semicolon ; )

File examples :

With plaintext passwords


With hashed passwords

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