The Intranet charter enables a reporting form (based on the new forms) to be displayed on all pages. 

The steps are : 

  • Create a form. 

In this example, the form is entitled "Report a problem" and contains an introduction, a message, and a calculated "Current page" field: 

  • To add this form to all pages: add the Form service to the sitemap in the lower zone. 

  • The service has two new parameters: 
    • The form title corresponds to the name of the button on the pages
    • Submission: In this example, after submission, we stay on the same page .
    • Display: new "Report a problem" entry

To hide a form, the template parameter "Hide reporting form" is available:

  • On each page, the form is added at the bottom of the page with a "Report a problem" button. When you click on the button, the form opens as follows: 

  • To view the information entered, the data entered in the form is available in the back office: 



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