A service is an element of a page that cannot be edited and is automatically rendered (dynamic component).
A service has a list of parameters that must be defined to obtain the expected behavior.

To insert a service in a page zone :

  1. Select zone
    Click on the  of the zone of your choice. This icon is visible at the top left of each zone. Once selected, the zone delimitation dashes appear in bold.

    Selected areaZone not selected

  2. Select a service
    In the Page click on the Add a service.

  3. Choose a service from the list

The list of available services depends on your application (plugins installed and configuration) and your rights.

For find quickly service, several tools are available: 
1 - Filter : Only services whose name matches the filter are displayed.
2 - List view : Entries can be displayed in list form.
3 - Categories : 
Categories can be displayed or not. If categories are not displayed, all services are grouped together in a single category. 

In the example below, the services are : 
1 - Filtered by the "Ca" filter
2 - Listed
3 - Categories are not displayed

It's possible to add several services to the same zone. To do this, select a non-empty zone and add your content or service. It will appear below the services or content already existing in the zone.

The CMS Ametys application can contain the following services:

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