Publication/Planned release

  1. Use cases
  2. Realization
  3. Further information

Use cases

A contributor wishes to have a page published from December 1, 2011 to December 31, 2011.


Automatic publication/unpublication of a page is performed using the Scheduled publication feature. This feature is available in the Page contextual tab.

To manage the publication/unpublication time of a page :

  • Select the page in the site map (help available on page: Find, locate a page)
  • in the Page tab, click on the Scheduled publication button

  • a pop-up window opens, allowing you to define a start and/or end date:

  • the start date can be entered manually in dd/mm/yyyy format, or by clicking on the calendar icon to select a date.
  • in our example, simply enter 01/12/2011 in the start date and 31/12/2011 in the end date.

Make sure your page is valid and therefore publishable.
To do this, one of the following two conditions must be met:
- At least one of the contents referenced by the page is validated.
- The page contains a service.

The contributor can define a start date and/or an end date, enabling a page to be published from a given date, for example, without an end date.

Further information

The colors of the Programmed publication icon in the ribbon are as follows:

No scheduled publication is defined, start and end dates are not filled in.

Scheduled publication is active and the page is published, with the current date between the start and end dates.

Scheduled publication is active but the page is unpublished, the current date is not between the start and end dates.

Hovering the mouse over the icon brings up a context-sensitive help function for more information on the scheduled publication, for example:

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