This page should only be used if script asks you to pass the manual migration application.20220301.workflow.rights

The rights used by the workflows defined in the WEB-INF/param/rights.xml are now declared in plugins and must be deleted from the file.
Associated i18n messages can also be deleted from application* files.xml

Remove from your file WEB-INF/param/rights.xml the following rights:

  • Workflow_Rights_Edition_Online

  • Workflow_Rights_Validate

  • Workflow_Rights_Refuse

  • Workflow_Rights_Propose

  • Workflow_Rights_Restore

  • Workflow_Rights_Archive

  • Workflow_Rights_Unarchive

  • Workflow_Rights_Notification

  • Workflow_Rights_Delete

If your file is empty after this operation, then delete it.

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