Attachments (usage)


An attachment is a downloadable file (document, image, video, etc.).
Attachments can be organized in a directory tree in the same way as many document browsers.

The following features are supported:

  • create, rename and delete one or more directories
  • add, rename, update or delete a document
  • drag-and-drop a document or directory
  • searchable indexing of PDF, XLS, XLSX, DOC, DOCX, TXT, XML and PPT formats

It is important to differentiate between page attachments and content attachments.
Page attachments can be accessed on the site via the Attachments service.
Content attachments depend directly on the content, and can be accessed via links inserted at the desired point in the content.

Page attachments

To add attachments to your page:

1. Select your page (open it or select it from the sitemap tool in the Home tab)

2. Click on the Attachments button ( Page tab)

This opens the Attachments tool. Attachments are presented in a document explorer.

3. Select a directory or the root and use ribbon actions to add/delete/rename/download files.

Attachments can be displayed by a service. See the attachments page.

L'explorateur de ressources est très similaire aux pièces jointes de pages mais joue un rôle plus général. En effet les documents partagés dans l'explorateur de ressources ne dépendent pas d'une page précise, ils sont globaux envers le site.

Content attachments

A link to a content attachment can only be added when editing the content.

1. In Edit mode, click on Link to download file in the Link menu:

2. In the dialog box, select the attachment to create a link to it, or click on the link at the bottom of the dialog box to add a new file to the content attachments:

The inserted link will be displayed as a downloadable link.

Content attachment management tool

As with page attachments, content attachments can be managed using the Attachments button in the Content contextual tab.

This tool is identical to the one for managing page attachments and offers the same functions:


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