Les fonctionnalités décrites dans cette page font partie du Plugin Réseaux sociaux  (installé par défaut dans l'application de démonstration Ametys).

The Twitter Feed service lets you insert any feed from a Twitter account into your page.

Add service

Select a page on the site and a zone of your choice.
From the "Page" tab, click on " Add a service " and then on "Twitter feed".

The service inserts and formats a Twitter feed that will be dynamically updated.

Service configuration

TitleService titleNo
User nameUser name of the twitter feed to displayYes
Maximum number of tweetsMaximum number of tweets to display (all users combined)Yes
DisplayChoice of service rendering.
Depends on the graphic charter used


The rendering of the service depends on the graphic charter of your site.

Since the new API twitter of June 2013, the use of this service requires the identifier of a widget twitter linked to an existing account. This identifier must be entered in the configuration parameters of the site concerned (cf. Plugin Social networking - Administration manual v1.5.0, v1.6.0).
If this is not the case, you will see the following alert:

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