This service provides a list of pages (flat) based on parameters defined by the contributor:

  • site(s)
  • language(s)
  • page labels

Add service

Select a site page and a zone of your choice. Go to the "Add a service" menu and click on "Page lift".



TitleService titleNo
Search sitesChoose your search siteNo
Research context

Select the search context:

  • In the current site: only pages created in the current site
  • In other sites: pages created in other sites
  • All sites: all pages regardless of their location
  • Daughter pages: only the daughter pages of the page containing the service

Select page language:

  • In current language: only pages in current sitemap language
  • In other languages: pages in a language other than that of the current sitemap
  • All languages: all pages in all languages
LabelsSelect one or more labels to display only pages with these labelsNo
Maximum number of resultsIf you wish to limit the list to a certain number of pagesNo
Number of results per pageTo display a paginationNo
Link to a page

Select a link to a page, and the link will be displayed below the page(s) retrieved.


Link title

Insert the title of the link to the redirection page.


DisplayChoice of service rendering.
Depends on the graphic charter used



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