To access the application, make sure you have the following information:
- TheURL back-office for site editing. If you are installing the demo version, please log in at http://localhost:8080/cms
- TheURL front-office site. If you are installing the demo version, please log in at http://localhost:8080
- Your login and password. If you install the demo version, several accounts are available contrib / contrib | webmaster / webmaster | manager / manager | admin / admin
If you are installing the demo version, start the application using the shortcut created on your desktop or in your menu.
Double-click to open a help web page and console. This is your Ametys demo server. Once this has been launched, you can connect to the application by following the instructions below.


You can now launch the browser of your choice and enterURL for the back office. Enter your login details, click on the Login button and you're now in the back-office.


When your application is multi-site, a screen listing the available websites is displayed. Select the site of your choice to open its back-office.


To continue your exploration, visit the Discover your interface page.


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