Page and content properties

The Properties tool displays information about the selected page or content.

  1. Page properties
  2. Content properties
    1. Illustrated example of a typical use case

Page properties

Select a page and click on the Properties button in the Page tab to open the tool.

  • Title: Page title
  • Long title: The long title of the page
  • Language: Base language
  • Site: Site name
  • Tags: Tags assigned to this page
  • Page(s) pointing to this page: List of pages redirecting to this page. These pages must be redirection pages.

Content properties

Select a content item and click on the Properties button in the Content tab to open the tool.

The tool displays a large number of properties available on the content.
Here's an example for content of type Article:


  • Name: Page title + content type
  • Login Ametys and login JCR : depending on your rights, you can access content storage.
  • Language : The language of the content
  • Lifecycle : Content workflow status
  • Content type : The content type 
  • Title: Content title 
  • Subtitle : Content subtitle
  • Start date : Start date of the content event
  • End date : End date of content event
  • Properties : Content properties
  • Tags : Labels assigned to this content
  • Referenced page(s) : List of pages where content is shared.

Illustrated example of a typical use case

A user of CMS wants to view the properties of a large number of content items.

The first step is to search these contents using the desired criteria:

Then select a content item and open the Content Properties tool:

From there, simply select other content from the search tool to see that the Properties tool detects the change.

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