The Link List content type is provided by Plugin My Favorites (installed by default in the Ametys demo application).

The Link list content type lets you define a list of links: other sites, useful links, favorites, etc.

Select a page on the site and a zone of your choice.
Go to the "Add content " menu and click on "List of links" to insert the content.

The content fields open in the central area and include a number of fields from the Article content type:

  • Title
  • Subtitle
  • Illustration
  • Header or summary
  • Description ( Content field in Article)
  • Properties (Dublin Core metadata)
  • And activate comments

It is then composed of an unlimited series of links.

Each link consists of the following fields:

WordingTextLink textYes
UrlTextUrl the linkYes
Display theurlCheck boxIndicates whetherurl is to be displayedNo
TitleTextLink titleNo
IllustrationComplexLink illustrationNo
DescriptionMulti-line textLink descriptionNo

Use the buttons on the right to re-order, add or delete a question/answer.

Example of rendering

The rendering depends on your graphic charter.

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