Forproduct demonstration andevaluation purposes, we recommend that you install the demo version available on theAmetys.

This is a full version with the same features and comes with :

  • an installer (for simple setup) to deploy the application in a local environment
  • pre-configuration, so there's no need to go through the configuration steps that will be involved in server deployment
  • example data
  • demo users with different profiles

There are several versions ofAmetys 4 available for download:

  • An executable (exe) for Windows environments
  • An executable (sh) for Linux environments

When installing a demo version, the only prerequisite is Java 11 64-bit (at least).

The CMS Ametys installer has been designed to run on many versions of Linux. We have tested this installer on Ubuntu. If you encounter problems on a particular Linux distribution, we recommend installing CMS Ametys from a ZIP archive.

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Installation and operation manual