Display a survey

The features described on this page are part of Plugin Online surveys (installed by default in the demo application Ametys).

The "Display a survey" service allows you to publish on your site a survey previously created with the "Online surveys" tool.

  1. Add service
  2. Service configuration
  3. Overview


Add service

Select a site page and a zone of your choice. Go to the "Add a service" menu and click on "Display a survey" to insert a survey.

Service configuration

Display surveySelect the survey to be displayed.
Only validated surveys are available here.
DisplayChoice of service rendering.
Depends on the graphic charter used.


The rendering of the service depends on the graphic charter of your site.

A short survey such as the Annual Satisfaction Survey has been created to provide this overview.

Overview of the introduction stage :

Overview of the survey process :

Overview of the concluding stage :



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