Resource Explorer

  1. Presentation
  2. Features
    1. Insert a file
    2. Rename a folder or file
    3. View and Restore an old version of a file
    4. Other operations
      1. File operations :
      2. File operation :
  3. Assign resource rights
  4. Specific service
    1. Directory contents



You can store all the resources you wish to share in the Resource Explorer.

A resource is a document (image, pdf, doc or any other media file).

Resources are organized into folders and subfolders like a conventional resource explorer.


  • add, rename or delete a folder
  • add, update, rename or delete a resource
  • download a resource
  • insert and unzip a zip file (to download a group of files at once)
  • view version history on resources and restore an older version
  • move folders/files by drag & drop
  • file rights system
  • easily insert a link to a shared resource in your content
  • easily insert a shared image or flash into your content

To access the Resource Explorer, click on the Resource Explorer button ( Home tab).

The Resource Explorer tool appears in the sidebar.

Select a folder or file to perform an action on it.

The actions available in the ribbon depend on your rights. See Assigning rights to resources


Insert a file

Select the parent folder and click on the New file button.

Select the file you wish to download from your hard disk


If a file with the same name already exists in the folder,
you will have to choose between:

  • replace the existing file with the new one (a new version will be created)
  • add and rename the file (the filename will be renamed to "FileName-2.ext")

If the downloaded file is a ZIP, you can choose to unzip it.
This will add all the folders and files it contains.

As the image on the right indicates, when extracting the contents of a zip file, existing files will be overwritten and replaced by new ones of the same name.

Rename a folder or file

You can rename a folder or file using the Rename buttons :

Rename a folderRename a file

View and Restore an old version of a file

For each file updated, a file version is created.

Select a file in the tree.
Click on the File history button

All versions are listed in the right-hand sidebar.

Click on the  for view the chosen version.

Click on the for restore the chosen version.


Other operations

File operations :

Add a new sub-folder (relative to the currently selected folder).
Add or modify a connection to a CMIS server.
Delete the selected folder.
Create a ZIP archive containing the selected folder and its sub-folders.

Search for resources in the current folder.

Start a slideshow on the current selection.
If the selection is a folder, the slideshow will run on all the images in the folder.

File operation :

Deletes the selected file.
Download the selected file.
Opens an editing window for the current file's Dublin Core metadata.
Copies the selected file
Cuts the selected file.
Paste selected file.

Assign resource rights

You can assign rights to contributors to restrict access to certain folders.

To find out more about this feature, see Assigning rights.

Specific service

Directory contents

The Directory contents service displays the contents of a Resource Explorer directory in the area of your choice, allowing the user to download resources.

To find out more about this service, see Directory contents.



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