This section explains how to rename a page.

Changing a page title can have an impact on SEO (page position in search engine results such as Google). To ensure accessibility and optimize your site's SEO, each page should have a unique title (preferably a short one).

  1. Rename a page
    1. Page location
    2. Renaming

Rename a page

Page location

The first step is to find the page, see"Find a page".


Once the page has been selected in the sitemap, in the "Page" tab, click on the "Rename page" button.

A pop-up window appears:

The pop-up contains a field in which the current page title is displayed. The title is pre-selected for easy replacement. Replace the title with the desired one.

Ametys offers the contributor several options for managing the page address

The page address is defined from the page title when the page is created.

Ametys proposes :

  • Modify pageURL : when this box is checked, the page address is modified, and the new title is used to compose the page address.
  • Automatically create an alias: this box is activated when the "Modify pageURL " box is checked. When this box is checked, an alias is automatically added so that a surfer who has added this page to the favorites will find the new page that has just changed address (the favorite is automatically updated). This also enables pages listed in a search engine to maintain their positioning and inform the search engine to update its index. The URL redirection user manual is available on this wiki.

To validate the modification, click on the "OK" button or use the "Enter" key on the keyboard.

Here we rename the Multisite page to Site Factory and check the two boxes we've just mentioned.

As a general rule, it's advisable to check the boxes "Modify theURL of the page" and "Automatically create an alias". This operation is not necessary if you're on a test server, as the page is not yet known to the general public or to search engines (Google, Bing, etc.), so there's no need to add a redirect.

Changes are directly reflected online once the page has been renamed.

It sometimes happens that a page address ends with "-2" or "-3" or ... This means that when the page was created, a page with the same name existed. If the original page no longer exists and you wish to obtain the address without the "-2", then simply rename the page and request a change toURL.

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