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The Search tool lets you search for content in Ametys.

This tool is widely used to find content based on multiple criteria such as tags, content type, date modified, content status, etc.

To access the tool, click on the Search button on the Home tab.

The search offers multiple criteria:

  • Title: search by title
  • Creator: to search for content by authorlogin
  • Type of content (article, news...): to restrict the search to the type of content.
  • Status: to restrict the search to workflow stages (e.g. draft, proposed, validated, etc.)
  • Site: to restrict the search to a specific site 
  • Page: to restrict the search to a part of the site map
  • Tags : to restrict the search to content tagged with the selected tags
  • Modification dates(Modified after and Modified before): to search for content modified between dates
  • With comments to restrict the search to content with :
    • comments (validated or not).
    • only validated comments.
    • only unvalidated comments.
  • Orphan: to restrict searches to content that has been orphaned

Click on the Search button to start the search. If the search takes too long, you can cancel it by clicking on the Cancel.

À partir de la version 4.8, il est possible de lancer la recherche directement avec la touche "Entrée" de votre clavier

The allows you to export results in CSV or XML format.

Search results are listed in a paginated table.

You can customize the display of search results by selecting the columns of your choice.

Click on the to the right of the column of your choice

Select the Columns tab

Check or uncheck the columns you wish to display

Each column can be sorted in ascending or descending order. Select Sorting in ascending order or Sorting in descending order in the menu displayed after clicking on the of the selected column.
Please note that sorting concerns all visible results. For example, sort content by date Last Modification on page n°1, you won't see the oldest results, as these may be on another page (not affected by the sorting).

If a change is made to your content, the search results view may no longer be up to date.
For example, you search for content currently in Draft status and find 80 results. Page 1 displays the first 50 results. You validate one of these and then go to page n°2 using the Next button. This page will display only 29 results instead of the expected 30, and one of the results will never have been displayed.
You must therefore be vigilant with regard to content modifications, and don't hesitate to relaunch a search to refresh the list of results.

 Another type of search is available for advanced users: Solr.


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