HTML Expert is an advanced tool. Incorrect use of this feature can break the page's appearance, compromising its accessibility and compliance with W3C standards.

This feature enables experienced contributors to insert html code into an article.

The HTML code inserted will not be "rewritten" by the application, but simply inserted as text. This makes it possible, for example, to insert code JavaScript, a GoogleMap image, a Flash player...

To insert code HTML, click on the HTML Expert button:

Next, select the HTML icon in the content, then, in the top bar, insert the code html. Save content.

Click on the small icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the HTML Expert window. to the expanded view, which features syntax highlighting and indentation:



In the extended view you can retrieveurl identifiers to insert in your html code:

  • Theurl page. The button Insert pageurl allows you to choose theurl of a CMS page in the site map 

  • Theurl shared file. The button Insert theurl of a shared file to select theurl file in the resource explorer 

  • Theurl attachment. The button Inserturl of an attachment allows you to retrieve theurl of an attachment linked to the content

Example of adding a link to a page of the CMS



Digital accessibility means making online services accessible to people with disabilities.
More information here - RGAA.


The code created must respect the privacy of users.
More information here - RGPD

If your Ametys application uses tarteaucitron, please go to https:// to define a code that conforms to Tarte Au Citron.


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