User's manual

This manual is aimed at newcomers to the world of Ametys. It is divided into several parts, each of which will help you get to grips with the application and better understand the mechanisms ofAmetys.

We recommend that you explore this manual before going any further.

Ametys is an open source application. The community brings together users from all over the world, from all sectors of activity. Whether you're web experts, developers or webmasters, you're welcome.
- Ametys Community
- Forum Ametys: share your experience or ask for help
- Ticket follow-up JIRA: would you like to suggest new features? Report a bug? The platform allows you to create and track your requests in real time
Your feedback is very important to us in improving Ametys, so please help us by completing our online questionnaire in less than 1 minute.



See plugins for more information on Ametys extensions.




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User's manual