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A page is an object representing a page on the site. This component is a container in which several contents or services can be placed.
Pages are organized hierarchically through a site map.

Feature overview :


Zones and Templates

To integrate content or services, your page must be a Page with template.

A template is a model applicable to a page. It defines thegraphic appearance of your page and has a certain number of editable zones (delimited by dashes).

The templates available for each of your pages depend on the possibilities offered by your graphic charter.
In the demo version ofAmetys, you have a default template named Page.

A template has at least one editable zone. You can then integrate content or a service within it.

New page with template
This page has a template with several zones. They are named Main zone, Zone 1, Zone 2 (pictured bottom left).
However, zone names may vary from one template to another. They are given for information only. For example, the home page of the demo version has a template composed of the following zones: Main zone, Left Zone, Right Zone and Low Zone.

Adding content or services

Contents and services are the two types of objects that make up pages:
- A content is a static object composed of a list of fields to be filled in (For example, articles and news are standard content types in Ametys)
- A service is a dynamic object to be parameterized, the rendering of a service is automatic (Example: Calendar, Search engine, Map, ...).

To insert content or a service into a page, you must first select the zone in which the object will be inserted.

To do this, simply click on the of the zone of your choice. This icon is visible at the top left of each zone. Once selected, the zone delimitation dashes appear in bold.

Selected areaZone not selected

You can then add content or a service:

It's possible to add multiple content and/or services to the same zone. To do this, select a non-empty zone and add your content or service. Your content or service will appear below the existing content in the zone.

Other operations

Once you have added content and/or services to your pages, you can :



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