Content is a static object defined by a list of fields (filled in by contributors).
Such an object has a life cycle.

To insert content in a page zone:

  1. Select the
  2. Click on Add content
  3. Choose a content from the list

You can find out more about the different types of standard content on the page: Types of content.
Find out more about adding content in the section: Adding content.

Section subpages

Contents menu

When you open a content item in the CMS interface, the banner switches to the contextual Contenttab.
This menu is subdivided into 4 zones:

  • Tools
  • Actions
  • Lifecycle
  • Visibility


The tools zone references a number of commonly used functions:


The actions zone allows you to act on the content:


The lifecycle zone is used to modify the current state of content.
It can also be used to :

  • to unpublish content that has already been validated, the content will no longer be visible on the site, and will consequently return to Draft status.
  • or delete it permanently.

To be deleted, content must be orphaned, i.e. it must not be referenced by any page. Most of the time, therefore, this button is grayed out.

More information on the life cycle on page: Life cycle


This zone allows you to manage the level of content sharing between different sites. This concept only makes sense in a multi-site architecture.

The different sharing levels available are as follows:

PublicPublic content can be shared across all sites.
ProtectedProtected content can only be shared on friends' sites. By default, the friend configuration is parent/child.
PrivatePrivate content is not shared. It cannot be used on any site other than the current one.



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