Help is displayed by hovering over an element on CMS, covering several families of elements (tools, buttons, configuration fields, etc.). It is materialized and accessible via tooltips; if online help is available, a "Learn more" link is displayed.

You can customize or enrich the help by creating the file WEB-INF/param/help.xml with the following structure :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> 
    <link family="org.ametys.core.ui.UIToolsFactoriesManager" id="uitool-messagestracker"> 
    <link family="org.ametys.core.ui.RibbonControlsManager" id="org.ametys.web.userinterface.Sitemap"> 
    <link family="org.ametys.cms.contenttype.ContentTypeExtensionPoint" id="org.ametys.test.Content.exhaustif/title"> 
    <link family="org.ametys.runtime.config.ConfigManager2018" id=""> 

The file help.xml is made up of several link tags with different elements:

  • family Attribute defining the family for which assistance will be provided.
    There are several families currently managed by Ametys :
    • org.ametys.core.ui.UIToolsFactoriesManager Tools such as search, site map, etc.
    • org.ametys.core.ui.RibbonControlsManager Ribbon button
    • org.ametys.cms.contenttype.ContentTypeExtensionPoint Content ownership
    • org.ametys.runtime.config.ConfigManager2018 Configuration
  • id Attribute containing the identifier of the element concerned by the online help. The identifier can be found by browsing the files. plugin.xml or content type description files.
    In the case of content, it is possible to add helpers to properties. The helper must be defined with the identifier of the type of content that carries the property, and may concern a composite or a repeater, in which case each level of the structure is separated by a /.
    In concrete terms, to add online help on the code of a "Course", this will be the identifier : org.ametys.plugins.odf.Content.programItem/code because the property code is provided by the "Training component" content type, whose identifier is org.ametys.plugins.odf.Content.programItem and to add online help onURL for LOM files in "Educational element" type content, it will be org.ametys.plugins.odf.Content.course/lomSheets/linkUrl.
  • [lang] You can add one or more language tags, each corresponding to the online help for the selected language. The online help is opened according to the language in which CMS is opened in the browser.

Online help works in all contexts: CMS, administration and other contexts available in the Ametys application.

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