Front-office setup

Once you have set up CMS Ametys on CMS (see Back-office settings page), i.e. on the application used by contributors, you must also set up Ametys on the site, i.e. the website that will be viewed by Internet users.

  1. Authentication and visitor management
  2. Visitor preferences
  3. The runtime file.xml
  4. Site administration features

Authentication and visitor management

On some sites, pages are restricted, i.e. the visitor must be authenticated in order to view the pages (see User manual, page Page access restriction). The authentication mode and visitor management must therefore be determined.

This part is detailed on the next page: Site authentication.

Visitor preferences

Visitors to the site can display various information specific to them (see the User Preferences section of the User Manual).

The runtime file.xml

As this file is quite comprehensive, it is described in detail on the runtime page .xml.

Site administration features

The file site/WEB-INF/param/workspace-admin.xml defines the functionalities available in site administration, grouping them by category (for more information, please refer to the Administration manual, section SITE application administration):

            <item id="org.ametys.runtime.plugins.core.administrator.Password"/>
            <item id="org.ametys.runtime.plugins.core.administrator.System"/>
            <item id="org.ametys.runtime.plugins.core.administrator.Config"/>
            <item id="org.ametys.runtime.plugins.core.administrator.JVMStatus"/>
            <item id="org.ametys.runtime.plugins.core.administrator.Logs"/>
            <item id="org.ametys.runtime.plugins.core.Users"/>
            <item id="org.ametys.runtime.plugins.core.Groups"/>
            <item id="org.ametys.runtime.plugins.core.administrator.Plugins"/>

If a feature is not available, simply delete the corresponding item.


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