Here are some of the problems often encountered when creating or overloading a content type in CMS Ametys .

  1. What if I don't want articles to be commentable by default?
  2. How can I make comments compulsory on my type of content?


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Q.1What if I don't want articles to be commentable by default?

You need to override the article content type, redefine the "comment" attribute and set its default value to false.


Q.2How can I make comments mandatory on my type of content?
I don't want a contributor to be able to decide that a piece of content can't be commented on.

Override the content type if it already exists, and redefine the "comment" attribute with a default value of true.

<cms:metadata name="comment" type="boolean">
<label i18n="true">CONTENT_NEWS_COMMENT</label>
<description i18n="true">CONTENT_NEWS_COMMENT_DESC</description>

Then, in the editing view of this type of content, don't specify the "how" attribute, so the checkbox won't appear.

<cms:metadata-set name="main" type="edition">
<cms:metadata-ref name="title" />
<cms:metadata-ref name="document-subtitle" />
<cms:metadata-ref name="illustration">
<cms:metadata-ref name="image" />
<cms:metadata-ref name="alt-text" />
<cms:metadata-ref name="abstract" />
<cms:metadata-ref name="content" />
<!--cms:metadata-ref name="comment" /-->
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