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The tool Site map tool displays the site's tree structure. This dynamic view summarizes the site's structural organization.

 The tool is automatically displayed when you log on to the back office. If it is not displayed, you can select it from the Homebutton Site map.

Page icons and decorators provide information on their nature.

Page icons

Each page has an icon displayed to the left of its name.

Meaning of the main icons :

Main section, published.

Main section, currently unpublished.

Subheading, published.

Sub-section, not yet published

Page with template, published.

Page with template, not yet published.

Redirect page.

Blank page.

These icons are defined when the application is set up. They can be modified. See integration manual.

Headings and subheadings are managed using labels.

For explanations of the different page types, please refer to the following section: Page types


A banner above the site map provides a variety of functions.
Features language change, filter, fold, refresh and icon (decorator) buttons.


Change language

This area allows you to display page titles in the sitemap in the language of your choice.


The filter allows you to restrict the site map display to filtered pages.

The "gallery" filter will display all pages containing this word.

The button to the right of the filter quickly deletes the current filter.
For further information, please refer to sub-section Find, locate a page.


This button folds the sitemap tree.

This button is used to refresh the current site map view.
This button lets you specify the decorative icons you wish to display to the right of the page name.

Choose the decorative icons to display

Click on the decorative icons button  displays the list of decorators you can choose to make visible.
By default, no decorator is displayed.


A page with the Direct Access label.
The page is excluded from referencing (does not appear in robots.txt and sitemap files.xml)
Page does not appear in site navigation elements (sitemap, menus, etc.)
Indicates that front-office access to this page is restricted to specific users and/or groups.

Indicates that this page has been translated (see Translate a page for more information on this feature).


These icons are defined when the application is set up. They can be modified. See integration manual.

Example of a site map with some decorative icons

Other operations
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