Inserting a document into a page

This section explains how to insert a document into a page. This can be done by adding the document directly as an attachment to the page, or by inserting links pointing to the documents from the content.
(it is also possible to use theResource Explorer to manage the application's documents).

  1. Add a link to a document
    1. Use cases
    2. Realization
  2. Add a document as an attachment to the page
    1. Use cases
    2. Realization


Add a link to a document

Use cases

A contributor wishes to add a link to a document PDF in an article on a page of the website.
This link will enable a web user to download the document. PDF


Adding a document to an article requires you to Update a page.

The aim is to edit the content in which you wish to insert the document PDF.
To insert a document :

  • position the cursor where you wish to add the document
  • enter one or more words that will indicate to the user that there is a document to download (the words must give some indication of the document; avoid using just the word "download", for example)
  • select words
  • click on the arrow under the "Link" button in the "Edit" tab and insert the link

See Link insertion in therich field editor for more information.

Add a document as an attachment to the page

Use cases

A contributor wishes to add an attachment to the page.
The attachment will then be displayed with an icon on the page, and will allow an Internet user to download the document PDF.


In this use case, we'll choose the attachment display service.

The first step is to open the page.

To insert the document:

  • In the "Page" tab, click on the "Attachments" button

  • The attachment management tool is then displayed on the left of the screen, along with the contextual tab

  • Click on "New file" to insert a new file.
  • Select the file on the hard disk and confirm.

The file is then available as an attachment on the page.

All that remains is to insert the attachment display service:

  • Select the zone in which to insert the service
  • In the "Page" tab, click on "Add a service" and then on the "Page attachments" service.
  • Define a title for the service, which will be displayed before the attachments

It is possible to modify the service title after insertion by selecting the service in the zone, and clicking on the service parameters in the "Page" tab.

It is possible to display a tree structure, or several files for downloading. Attachments can be added by repeating the same operation.

It's easy to rename files and folders in the attachment management tool. To see the changes, refresh the page.

You can change the appearance of this service by modifying the code.

For further details, see the online Attachments manual.


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