The functions described on this page are part of Plugin Dashboard (installed by default in the demo application Ametys).

Click on the Dashboard button in the Home tab to open the dashboard.

Generally, and if the application is configured to do so, this tool opens automatically in the central area of CMS when a user logs on to the application.

The Dashboard tool shows the user logged into the application :

  • the 5 contents he recently modified,
  • the list of content for which it has an action to take: content to propose or content to validate.

The first table lists the last 5 pieces of content modified by the contributor, with the content name, date of last modification and workflow status.

The other tables, presented in tabbed format (one tab for each type of action), list the content of all contributors awaiting action, with the name of the content, the author of the last modification and the date of the last modification.

In each table :

  • a single click on a content item selects it (the Content contextual tab appears in the Ribbon).
  • double-clicking on a content item opens the page referencing the content (or the content itself, if orphaned).

You can then perform the pending action on the selected content.

You can customize the display of search results by selecting the columns of your choice.

Click on the icon to the right of the column of your choice.

You can :

  • Ascending and descending sorting of information in the selected column.
  • Check or uncheck the columns you wish to display

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