Customized static list of contributors

To define your own static list (editable name) of contributors, you'll need to define your own user manager.

To do this, declare in the plugin.xml of a plugin, a org.ametys.runtime.user.UsersManager using the org.ametys.runtime.plugins.core.user.StaticUsersManager and define the list of users as follows:

Sample declaration

<extension point="org.ametys.runtime.user.UsersManager"
	<user id="pmartin">
    	<fullname>Pierre Martin</fullname>
	<user id="jdupont">
    	<fullname>Jacques Dupont</fullname>

If you need to create a new plugin, follow the instructions on the Architecture page of plugin Ametys .

You will then need to select this new extension point either via the "Plugins and Workspaces"This can be done via the administration interface, or by directly modifying the WEB-INF/param/runtime.xml (see Runtime file.xml) .

Extract from the runtime file.xml






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