Installation and operation manual

Please read this entire guide before starting installation.

This manual describes installation and maintenance operations (backups, updates, etc.) forAmetys. It is intended forAmetysadministrators.

To download the latest version ofAmetys, go to the application download page on the Ametys Community website.

You will then have several choices:

  • Download a packaged version with an installer. This version is recommended to evaluate the product (in this case, installation is local), the application is pre-configured, sample data is available and a demo graphic chart is provided. Go directly to the Demo version section to find out more.
  • Download a version intended to be deployed on a server, which contains no data and is not configured. To do this, you'll need to follow the whole of the following guide (except for the section on the demo version).

Both versions are complete and correspond to the same software platform. The only differences concern packaging and sample data. 

Need help?
If you need help installing Ametys, don't hesitate to ask for help on the Ametys forum

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Installation and operation manual