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About us

This manual is intended for people wishing to administer Ametys. No technical prerequisites are required to understand this manual.
All administration functions are accessible via a web interface.



TheAmetys administration area is a web interface. It is used for application administration tasks.

The administration interface is translated into French and English by default.
The interface language will be selected automatically according to your browser's language preferences.

In this manual, and for Ametys in general, whenever the administration area is mentioned, this implicitly refers to theadministration of theAmetys CMS application.
The SITE application, where it exists, has a similar administration interface, although it offers fewer tools than the CMS application interface and is easier to configure.
The documentation available in this manual is that of the CMS application administration interface. There is, however, a section dedicated to theadministration of the SITE application, detailing the specifics of this area.


First access

When your application is first deployed, it is not configured and you are automatically redirected to the administration area. The following page will be displayed:

The authentication page appears when you try to access the administration area:

On first login, the login details are as follows:
- User name: admin
- Password: admin
The "admin" user from the "System Administrators" population is created automatically on first start-up.
For security reasons, don't forget to change his password on your first connection.

When you enter the administration area, the configuration screen is automatically displayed. You'll need to configure your application, adding data sources, populations and users.

A First Steps tool will guide you through the process.


Administration interface CMS


To access the administration interface, enterURL in your browser's address bar:


This is equivalent to entering your back-office address( CMS) followed by '/_admin' :


To connect, select your population then enter your login details:


Home screen

As with the first connection, if your application's configuration is incomplete, you are redirected to the administration area and the configuration screen is automatically displayed.

Otherwise you'll be taken to the administration interface home page:


The first time you log on, you need to run an initial full index.

Each of the icons on this screen represents one of the functionalities offered by the interface, and depends on your application and the plugins used.
The standard tools and functionalities are detailed below:


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