Processing visitor content

The functions described on this page are part of Plugin UGC (installed by default in the Ametys demo application).

The UGC tool (for User-Generated Content) allows you to manage content proposed by site visitors.

Content is proposed by visitors via a form provided by the "Content proposal" service.

Click on the User-Generated Content button on the Home to open the tool.

  1. Tool presentation
  2. Accepting content
  3. Refusing content
  4. Find accepted content from visitors

Tool presentation

The tool presents UGC content in 2 categories:

  • Content in the process of being created or whose creation has been discussed: this may be content that is being written by a visitor, or content that has been written by a visitor without the latter completing the process (i.e. submitting the form). If the modification date is less than the current date (or even the current time), this content may be deleted. These contents cannot be accepted.
  • Proposed content: all content proposed by visitors and not yet processed.

For content in the second category, 2 options are available: accept or refuse the proposed content.

Accepting content

To accept content, select it and click "Accept".

A dialog box opens, inviting you to set the parameters for integrating this content into your site:

  • Choice of content type: type of content (news, article, classified ad, etc.) to be created from this suggestion.
  • 3 insertion options
    • Insert content in a new page. This option creates a new page, under a parent page to be selected in the sitemap, in which the content will be integrated. The page is named after the title of the content created.
    • Insertion in an existing page, following other content and/or services already contained in that page
    • No insertion: content is created but not assigned to a page. It is therefore orphaned.

Once you've validated this dialog box, you'll be redirected to the content you've created. You can then modify or validate it like any other content on the site.

Once the content has been validated, a mail is sent to the visitor who submitted the content, notifying him or her that the content has been put online.

Accepted content no longer appears in the tool.

Refusing content

To refuse content, select it and click "Refuse".

On rejection, the content is deleted. You can choose to notify the author of this deletion, specifying the reason for the rejection. Possible reasons for rejection are:

  • Content that does not respect the site's editorial charter
  • Advertising content
  • Unsolicited content
  • Other

Rejected content no longer appears in the tool.

Find accepted content from visitors

From the "User-generated content" tool, click on "Search for accepted content" to find site content originating from a visitor's suggestion.

Search by title, life cycle, author's name or address mail .

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