Ametys ODF

Step 1: Publish your training offer from files CDM-fr
To get to grips with the application quickly and easily, visit the Step 1 page.
You'll be able to publish several training courses quickly and easily!

How it worksAmetys ODF

100% Open Source software
Ametys ODF is an Open Source solution for managing higher education institutions' training offerings.
Distributed under the Apache license, the platform is freely downloadable and modifiable.

Installation Ametys ODF
Ametys ODF 2.0 is easily installed from the demo version, or in a more customized way on a server:
- Demo version installation
- Server installation and configuration
Updates toAmetys ODF
Ametys ODF evolves regularly; to update the application, please follow the instructions detailed on the Updates page.

Advanced use ofAmetys ODF
To find out more about using the application, please consult the following pages:
- search engine settings
- additional entries




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