Fiche RNCP Course

Since version 4.1M5, RNCP records can be generated inODF . The generation of RNCP records depends on the "Generate RNCP course record" right of the training offer. The button is available in the course ribbon.


When you click on the button, you can choose the attachment category, as a course can be shared, so there may be several possible attachment categories, and the RNCP export template (docx file used as the basis for export).

The documents are not updated automatically. You have two options:

  • Select the entire document content (Ctrl+A), then select Update fields (F9 or right-click Update fields).
  • Configure your Word application to automatically update fields as soon as you open a document containing dynamic fields. Note that if fields have been updated in Ametys and validated, they will be automatically updated in your document when you reopen it. Documentation on this subject:


You'll need DOCX files to use as a template for generating an RNCP sheet. A suggested template is available here.

These files are stored in the CMS installation folder in WEB-INF/param/rncp.

To be able to retrieve the data for a course and its associated category, you need to have two properties:

  1. MentionURL, which will be theURL automatically filled in by Ametys to link to the mention.
  2. CourseURL, which will be theURL automatically filled in by Ametys to the course

To display a data item, you will need to concatenate theURL and the data name, for example for the route title :

{ DOCPROPERTY ParcoursURL }title

But for a better presentation of the data returned in XML format, we suggest you use this notation:

{ INCLUDETEXT "{ DOCPROPERTY ParcoursURL }title" \x /metadata \* MERGEFORMAT }

It is possible to do more complex things like displaying HTML :


Or conditional display:

{ IF { INCLUDETEXT "{ DOCPROPERTY ParcoursURL }apprenticeshipOpen" \x /metadata \* MERGEFORMAT } = "true" "OUI" "NON" }

You can add as many templates as you like, but we strongly advise you to take inspiration from the document we propose in our documentation.


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