Contents FAQ

This type of content allows you to create a FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions, characterized by a series of questions and answers.

It includes a number of fields from the Article content type:

  • Title
  • Subtitle
  • Illustration
  • Header or summary
  • Description ( Content field in Article)
  • And properties (Dublin Core metadata)

As with the Article content type, a FAQ content type consists of a title, subtitle, illustration, summary and rich content.

It then consists of an unlimited series of questions.

Each question consists of the following fields:

  • Question: question wording (required)
  • Answer: the answer (rich text) to the question (required)
  • Useful link: an optional link to an external url providing more information
  • Additional information: additional information on the answer, simple text on several lines

Use the buttons on the right to re-order, add or delete a question/answer.

Example of rendering

The rendering depends on your graphic charter. Here, the question titles are listed at the top of the content, and each title leads (anchor) to the detailed question. On each detailed question, a link takes you back to the list of questions.

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