Technical Migration Manual 1.x to 2.0.0

Private investigation migration

Restrictions on access to surveys are now based on the new rights management system:

  • A public survey is a survey for which the "Reader" profile is authorized for Anonymous.
  • A private investigation is one for which the "Reader" profile is excluded for Anonymous.

Run the following script , modifying the value of the variables POPULATION_ID and GROUP_DIRECTORY according to your own data, to migrate your surveys:

var ConsoleHelper = Java.type('org.ametys.workspaces.repository.ConsoleHelper'); 
var POPULATION_ID = 'ametys_demo_users'; 
var GROUP_DIRECTORY = 'groupes-sql'; 
// Profil Lecteur 
var readerProfile =['READER'], "java.lang.String[]") 
var query = session.getWorkspace().getQueryManager().createQuery("//element(*, ametys:survey)", javax.jcr.query.Query.XPATH); 
var nodes = query.execute().getNodes(); 
var count = 0; 
while (nodes.hasNext()) 
 var node =; 
    if (node.hasProperty("ametys-internal:private") && !node.hasNode('ametys-internal:acl')) 
     var property = node.getProperty("ametys-internal:private"); 
        var isPrivate = property.getValue().getBoolean(); 
        if (isPrivate) 
         // Get granted users and groups 
            var aclNode = node.addNode("ametys-internal:acl", "ametys:acl"); 
            ConsoleHelper.setProperty(aclNode, "ametys:denied-anonymous-profiles", readerProfile ); 

            if (node.hasProperty('ametys-internal:grantedUsers')) 
 // Migrate ACL for users 
 var usersProp = node.getProperty("ametys-internal:grantedUsers"); 
                var logins = usersProp.getValues(); 
                var usersNode = aclNode.addNode("users", "nt:unstructured"); 
                var popNode = usersNode.addNode(POPULATION_ID, "nt:unstructured"); 
                for (var i=0; i < logins.length; i++) 
                 var userNode = popNode.addNode(logins[i].getString(), "ametys:acl-user");                           
                    ConsoleHelper.setProperty(userNode, "ametys:allowed-profiles", readerProfile); 

             if (node.hasProperty('ametys-internal:grantedGroups')) 
 // Migrate ACL for groups 
 var groupsProp = node.getProperty("ametys-internal:grantedGroups"); 
                var ids = groupsProp.getValues(); 

                var groupsNode = aclNode.addNode("groups", "nt:unstructured"); 
                var dirNode = groupsNode.addNode(GROUP_DIRECTORY, "nt:unstructured"); 
                for (var i=0; i < ids.length; i++) 
                 var gpNode = dirNode.addNode(ids[i].getString(), "ametys:acl-group");                           
                    ConsoleHelper.setProperty(gpNode, "ametys:allowed-profiles", readerProfile); 
        else if (!node.hasNode('ametys-internal:acl')) 
        // Set ACL for anonymous 
            var aclNode = node.addNode("ametys-internal:acl", "ametys:acl"); 
            ConsoleHelper.setProperty(aclNode, "ametys:allowed-anonymous-profiles", readerProfile); 
print(count + " surveys have been updated"); 

Table migration SQL

All users are now identified by their login and population.

The SQL Survey_Session table requires the following modifications. Please replace the population ID 'ametys_demo_users' with your own population ID!

ALTER TABLE Survey_Session ADD population varchar(255); 
UPDATE Survey_Session SET population='ametys_demo_users' WHERE login != ''; 
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