List of versions

The basket table is enhanced to display the following information: 

  • Documentation
  • Last contributor
  • Creation date
  • Date of last modification

The basket modification window allows you to modify the Documentation : 

Basket rights management has been redesigned to use the existing rights system. 

It is now possible to manage basket rights: 

  • From the "Shopping cart" tab
  • From the "Profile assignment" tab

Existing baskets are automatically migrated according to the following logic: 

During migration, the "Cart migration" profile is created, containing only the right to modify a basket. 

 Before migration

 After migration


No particular profile


Profile reader for all logged-in users

Cart migration" profile for all connected users

 Shared reading

Profile reader for each user with shared access

Shared read/write

Profile reader for each user with shared access

Cart migration" profile for each user with the share


It is now possible to add queries from the query directory to the basket. 

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