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It is now possible to select the User content type view used for virtual pages. 

The organization chart service has a new view: "Vertical organization chart". 

This new view provides the following rendering: 

Ametys is now able to manage an order between entities.
This order has an impact on : 

  • organization chart display

  • display of the entity itself.


Entity type synchronization

The "Entity type" reference table has a new "Code" field.

This code will synchronize the entity type when entities are synchronized.

If your entity database contains the code for its entity type, synchronize the "type" field with this code and select the "Convert entity types to Ametys content" operator.

This operator will attempt to find a match between the entity type code in the database and a content of the "Entity type" reference table.


With plugin Directory, the registration service allows you to choose the type of "User" content to be created when creating an account.

The form corresponding to this User file will be proposed when the account is created.

Synchronization of directory users from a LDAP data source (Active Directory, Open LDAP) now allows you to retrieve the profile photo of directory users.

Organization chart

Version 2.1.0 of plugin Directory introduces a new "Entity" content type for your directory's clusters or services.
Entities are hierarchical, and each entity can be linked to a parent entity.

By positioning a page of your site as the "Root of the organization chart", a virtual tree structure will be generated representing the hierarchy between these entities.

By default, each of the "Entities" pages will display information on the entity, its members and sub-entity.

In addition, the new "Organizational Chart " service dynamically generates complete organizational charts for each entity.

For further information, please consult the user manual.

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