Integration manual


  • Stop the server
  • Download jars from plugin and add them (ametys-plugin-blog-1.4.0.jar and ametys- plugin-blog-resources-1 .4.0.jar) to your application's WEB-INF/lib directory. Ametys
  • A blog is a new site typology. As such, it has its own ribbon, its own content types and its own services.

    In the WEB-INF/param on your CMS, add the following files:
  • Tickets (or posts) have their own simplified workflow (draft, validated).
    Download the workflow description file for tickets and copy it into the WEB-INF/param directory of your application.
    Then modify the WEB-INF/param/workflows file .xml to add the reference to this file using the name "blog", as shown below:

      <workflow name="content" type="file" location="workflow.xml"/>
      <workflow name="newsletter" type="file" location="workflow-newsletter.xml"/>
      <workflow name="blog" type="file" location="workflow-blog.xml"/>
  • Restart the server

Graphic integration

This extension requires that the graphic charts used by blogs have a templatenamed "blog" with three mandatory zones:

  • a main "default" zone
  • a lateral "about" zone
  • an "aside" side zone

Other templates

4 other optional templates let you customize the display according to page type:

  • blog-tag: for pages intended to display the list of posts of a tag
  • blog-year: for pages intended to display the list of posts for a given year
  • blog-month: for pages designed to display a month's list of posts
  • blog-post: for pages designed to display a blog post

If these templates don't exist, the "blog" template will automatically be used.

As with the "blog" template, the "default", "about" and "aside" zones are mandatory.


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