Integration manual


To use this plugin, you need tomcat 7

  • Stop the server
  • Download jar from plugin and add it (ametys-plugin-bluemind-1.1.0.jar) in the WEB-INF/lib directory of your application. Ametys
  • Restart the server

Graphic integration

The plugin BlueMind provides data input, displaying the number of unread mail and upcoming appointments.

The input data format is as follows:

				<event start="2015-03-02T15:00:00" end="2015-03-02T17:00:00" all-day="false" title="Comité de pilotage" location="Toulouse"/>
				<event start="2015-03-10T09:00:00" all-day="true" title="Séminaire"/>
			<mail unread="3"/>

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