Administration Manual v1.3.0, v1.4.0


Go to the application's configuration interface to set up SMS sending.

Regular expression of authorized numbers

These are the regular expressions that define the different phone number formats allowed for sending SMS.
Each expression must be in international format (starting with '+' and followed by the country code, e.g. +33 for France).
Enter one regular expression per line.

Pour la france, numéro à 9 chiffres commençant par +33:
Regular expression for number conversion

This parameter is used to accept number formats other than the international format.
Each line represents a conversion to be made from a readable format to the international format. It takes the form'regexp/transformation' :

  • regexp: defines the format of the number the user can enter.
  • transformation: each of the groups in the regular expression will be replaced by the group in the transformation (numbers start at 1)

Enter one transformation scheme per line

Par exemple, pour convertir les numéros 06XXXXXXXX en +336XXXXXXXX, on écrira le schéma suivant : 0([67][0-9]{8})/+33{1}
Example of authorized formatsThis parameter is a help parameter for site visitors.
These are the example phone formats that will be provided to the user when they subscribe or unsubscribe to a mailing list.
Enter one example format per line.



Depending on the SMS broker used (see Plugin SMS - Integration manual v1.2.0), other configuration parameters may be required. For example, the Etoile Dièse connector requires a login and password.



This extension brings 3 new rights.

Service creation rights" category

Right titleRole
SMS subscription
Authorize the insertion of the mailing list subscription/unsubscription service

Category "Sending SMS

Right titleRole
SMS list management
Authorizes the creation / modification or deletion of mailing lists
Send SMSAllows SMS to be sent to a mailing list

Remember to assign these new rights to the users and/or user groups concerned.

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