Integration manual


  • Stop the server
  • This plugin requires 1 table SQL "api_access_key". Go to the application database and run script for the type of database you are using:
  • Download jars from plugin and add them (ametys-plugin-contentio-1.3.0.jar and ametys- plugin-contentio-resources-1 .3.0.jar) in the WEB-INF/lib directory of your application. Ametys

  • Add button to import content into file WEB-INF/params/cms-ribbon-default.xml. The button identifier is org.ametys.plugins.contentio.ImportDir 
    The button must be added to the Page.

<tab label="plugin.web:RIBBON_TABS_TAB_PAGE_LABEL" id="" contextualColor="2" contextualGroup="A" contextualLabel="plugin.web:RIBBON_TABS_TAB_PAGE_LABEL">
		<group label="plugin.web:RIBBON_TABS_TAB_PAGE_GROUPS_GROUP_TOOL_LABEL" icon="">
				<control id="org.ametys.web.userinterface.ReloadPage"/>
				<control id="org.ametys.web.rights.assignment.tool.Sitemap"/>
                <control id="org.ametys.plugins.contentio.ImportDir"/>

Attention ! Si le groupe contient une description <large>, <medium> et <small> , il faut ajouter le bouton dans les 3.


  • Restart the server


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